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"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta has inspired millions through his writing on Zen Habits, where he's shared his experiences in building up great habits, cutting clutter and junkfood from his life, learning about great parenting and building a wonderful family, eliminating debt, increasing his income and productivity, and living a life that's more happy through and through.

Leo is now graciously participating in GiveGetWin with a practical class on "action-oriented contentment", and he sat down with Sebastian Marshall to share his thoughts on what motivates him, around what contentment is, on trusting yourself, on being compassionate and compassion as an impetus for action, on self-compassion and treating yourself well, and happiness in general. Enjoy:

"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta, as told to Sebastian Marshall

Changing My Strategy A Bit

On Stoic Running

I've just read some more habit change and recently purchased No Meat Athlete's "Wake Up". I've decided to pare down my habits and focus only on one at a time.

The one that I'm going to focus on and the one I've stuck with so far is my daily running habit. It fits all the criteria that he uses. It's duration is short (A minimum of a mile, which is about 10-15 minutes including changing clothes), I have a definite start and end goal (January 1st through January 31st), and it's every single day.

The other habit that I will continue is continuing the vegetarianism. I had already done this successfully last year for 3 months with a month break after that. This will make it easier to pick up, and I've had no trouble sticking with it so it's just restarting a habit instead of trying to start something hard like daily writing or mindful eating.

Speaking of the other habits, I am going to attempt to put these into place after 1-2 months once I have successfully done my running habit. This will allow me to focus on one at a time and in 12 months, I'll have 6-12 new habits instead of trying to do 4-5 at once and end up with zilch because I try to do too much.

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