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Video: Reader Letter and External Morality

Howdy. Made a video -

Thoughts: *I gotta go higher energy, higher volume, and higher light levels when recording videos. *So why put out a low production quality video? Well, I like the content, and I know I'll continue to improve. Still, I can do better, but I believe in shipping things. Not being shy about that.

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First Person Perspective

Eight hours in the Austrian Alps.

The first class tickets had seemed overpriced at first, but now they were paying dividends. With the train stalled, the train people offered the entire snack and drink cart up for free. First class was empty save our band of three adventurers, and so we each commandeered one-third of the snacks and drinks apiece.

I didn't, of course. Drink. So the guys boozed it up, and I ate all the peanut M&M's. I never had really eaten peanut M&M's much before. Maybe as a kid, if I wound up with them during Halloween. But now, I ate a lot of them.

They became my favorite candy, actually. There were also iced teas and coffees to be drank, and I drank those, and I ate some of the breads and crackers.

I did briefly step into the air between the train cars and climbed down onto the cold snowy ground, but I was scared that somehow somewhat possibly (however unlikely) the train would get moving again and I wouldn't get back on, and that was terrifying. So I scampered back up quickly, after one look at the police lights flashing blue and red ahead of us. Police lights, probably, anyways.

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