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Darker Aesthetics - Yea or Nay?

Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" - it's all black and white, there's some beautiful imagery and aesthetics in there, but it's got all kinds of occult/satanic symbolism.

What think ye? A "yea" vote is a vote for aesthetics or general defiance of the religions, spirituality, and philosophy that'd condemn the occult. A "nay" vote says, "No, I don't think any aesthetic value is worth glorifying that sort of thing."

For a music video that's black and white, and also haunting, but lacks the satanic imagery, there's Massive Attack's "Splitting the Atom" -

I Love Being Able To Express Myself

On Shout Out

I am thinking that today is another creative day for me. *heart* I love being able to express myself. Lately, I have been making designs online and posting them for sale. Extra money for the holidays? Maybe. :P Hopefully. :P But either way, I am having fun from the comfort of my own home. lol

Mrs anchor pattern - part of Mr & Mrs set Travel Bag Tag by "inspirationzstore" See anchors at Zazzle

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Music Theme MacBook Pro Case MacBook Pro Sleeve by "MusicianEvents" See macbook pro sleeve online at Zazzle

Male/Dad Birthday Card by "bigbusy" Browse birthday cards for dad online at zazzle.com

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