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FIGHT CORPORATE VIOLENCE: Marshall vs. Cathay Pacific Management


Statement to the Hong Kong Police DepartmentRegarding the Abuse, Violence, Fraud, and Mis-Use of Police Resources by Cathay Pacific Management on 26th December 2011

My name is Sebastian Marshall. I am an American citizen who was traveling from Beijing to Taipei via Hong Kong on DragonAir, which is owned by Cathay Pacific Airways.

In Hong Kong, I questioned an abusive manager’s authority, and he immediately deployed police resources against me in retaliation. This led to my violent removal from the airplane, a fight almost broke out, and he recklessly endangered the health and safety of myself and other passengers. Cathay representatives went on to lie to the police and make outright false statements.

The dispute was after Cathay Pacific, in my opinion and view, had repeatedly made mistakes with my booking.

After Cathay refused to fix their mistakes two or three times, I paid additional money that in my opinion should have been unnecessary to fix the situation – but I was working on a piece of writing on Bruce Lee and American History, so I simply paid to be upgraded so I could continue my writing.

My 3 F's: Fitness, Fashion and Finances

On The Tasteless Manta ray

Today I was thinking about the internet and how awesome it really is. I mean, first off, I can't even remember life without it. How did I know where restaurants were? How did I stay in touch with so many friends?

Pretty much anything is just a click away, how did I get through life? It must have been rough.

The one thing I do like most about its accessibility is that it allows me to explore multiple industries at once. Now that we're in the digital age, I can pursue whatever, whenever and whatever I want (pretty much).

When I was a kid I remember thinking about college and how I was supposed to pick a degree that was going to give me a job for the rest of my life. Finding a job after college has been so shitty, I fell into any industry that would take me.

(Take a guess...how'd you know it was retail?)

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