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Sprezzatura vs. Scratching and Clawing Forwards

You know, there is a general rule that applies to being successful at anything. It is, "Make things look easy."

It's been remarked upon many times, by many great and talented people through history.

Probably the best explanation of sprezzatura I've seen comes from Derek Sivers -


“Sprezzatura” is an Italian word that means “to hide conscious effort and appear to accomplish difficult actions with casual nonchalance.”

Don't give up on writing shit

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Because it's needed. It's a single rule told by everyone who I have ever talked to. It's a rule that's mentioned in almost every article for a beginner writer. It's a rule that applies to everyone - from a beginner writer like me, to a successful best-seller author. But you may be saying something along the lines of "But I want to write good from the start". Well guess what, buddy, you won't.

The first advice I got when I started writing was read and write as much as you can. The advice was told a couple of times more from different people. But the most excessive one was told by one of the lecturers I met. (Check out his blog . He's a writer himself). He told me to write shit and don't be afraid of it. It's the only way to learn. To write more and more and look back at what you wrote and read it again and see where it fails and if you want correct it, but even then know that the next thing you'll write will possibly be shit. That's the whole secret, as I understand. You can only move forward if you keep an open mind and see that you aren't perfect, that your works are not perfect.

After that you get to the point that it takes time to write crap. In another amazing article the author tells the difference between the good and the bad writer. The good one knows how hard it's to write. To learn. The bad one doesn't. He clings to his work saying it's the best. He keeps telling so because of... fear. That's right. That's what hit me also at the beginning. Fear. The great stopper. Fear of seeing your most valued ideas fail on paper. To see yourself fail. But don't be. If you want to be great you must put everything from your wonderful mind on the paper. You must make it fail and then with a lot of effort make it work. Be that wonder machine that can press biological waste so hard it becomes a diamond.

So that's how I see the beginning for any writer. Write as much as you can without worrying about quality. At some point you'll start noticing your mistakes. You'll start evolving and changing what doesn't work. You'll start craving for critiques and reviews no matter how harsh they are. Because you'll feel how they improve your work. After a long career as an accomplished writer you'll see how much you have learned by just writing piles of crap. I wish you to do so! Don't be afraid to write. Even if you fail .

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