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Ultraworking Weekend: 23rd and 24th April

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to finally announce this publicly.

Announcing Ultraworking

My good friend and oft-collaborator Kai Zau started building a new company, Ultraworking, back in December of last year.

With Ultraworking, we're looking to fill a gap in the lives of people who are highly driven, highly analytical, achievement-oriented.

We're making technology, community, and content for our type of people.

Journaling: You're Doing It Wrong (and how to get practical, real-life results from your journal-writing)

On Linus Rylander

There's a long list of benefits that go along with keeping a journal, but I think most people go about it all wrong.

But hey, wait a minute, I thought only silly people wrote in journals?

If you ain't doing it, you're the silly one, silly.

So first of all, why the heck would you want to journal?

Here's my top reason: the externalization of thoughts and experiences

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