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So, you want me to shoplift it...?

Ah, the joys of being mildly unreasonable.

I found a neat little shop with some great shirts, suit jackets, and gloves that all had a nice design and fit me perfectly. I wasn't going in to get a lot of stuff, but their pieces were really cut just perfectly right for me. I picked a lot of stuff out to buy.

When I was checking out shirts and jackets, I wanted to see how one would look with a tie. I picked up a nice skinny black tie off a display mannequin and put it on. Verdict: The shirt looks good with a tie. But hey, this tie is pretty nice too. But there's no price on it. Hmm...

I go to check out, and the girl explains to me that the tie is only for sale with a particular shirt - it comes with that shirt. That shirt, however, is ugly and expensive. They don't sell the tie standalone.

She keeps trying to take it from me and put it back on the mannequin. I say, "No. Look, I want the tie. How much for it?"

Airport currency exchange -- even worse than you'd have thought

I always knew currency exchange at the airport was a bad deal, but I never really calculated it out -- I just tried to avoid it.

I was passing through Haneda airport last night, and had a stack of Chinese RMB I wanted to sell to get Japanese Yen. 

The rate was 15% lower than the market rate. That's just one way. The selling Yen / buying RMB rate was similarly crazy.

To exchange $650 of RMB for Yen would have cost over $90.

That's nuts. You can get 1% or 2% at banks sometimes. A credit card with no foreign exchange fee (all Capital one cards, high-end Visa Signatures and AMEX cards) means you're getting 1% or 2% off the market rate. Worst-case scenario, you can et 5% pretty easily.

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