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An Introduction to Cyclothymia

What's cyclothymia? It's a mild form of the docs used to call "manic-depression," but which they re-name periodically. Cyclothymics can actually function decently well, and as such often don't know they've got it. If you cycle through highs and lows, are particularly artistic, or that describes someone you love, then read this post in full and please comment with your own experience. I'm still learning, myself.


Knowing the term "Cyclothymia" would have been very helpful to me a few years ago. This essay is plain English and, if I've done a good job, might help people who associate with a cyclothymic relate better to them, and might help a cyclothymic manage themselves better and produce better.

I'm against the "medical-ization" of life. We need medical terms, but we need to be able to explain things in plain English without labeling. Labeling, by definition, drastically simplifies.

Cyclothymia is simple at its roots, simple enough for a plain discussion without medicalization. Here's how it works for me -

Being is contained within thought

On TheDehorseSalon

The human being is an animal, yet one far different from any other. Dasein is aware of its existence. the meaning of such a statement lies in our abilities of practical and rational reasoning, of scientific discoveries and technological wonders. all accomplishments of humanity are due to this awareness, which is postulated within thought...

Oh thought, how glorious can it possibly become?

Being is contained within thought, all our ideas, sensations, and emotions are built by these most basic postulates of consciousness. But what is experienced which is a thought is still a mere representation of what could possibly be. Knowledge only claims facts and truths due to the dogmatic belief that sense datum gives us the full scope of reality. Belief, ingrained within reason, is what has manifested today as human society.

Believing in truth has been an impulsive phenomenon gracing humanity since its beginning days.

Experience is a means towards nothing. Not the idea of nothing, which would indeed be something, but the essence which is contained within the idea. No goals or ends involved, just mere being in a state of continuum. In other words, life is action, with many methods that conjoin in subjectivity. Kant discovered the phrase, “the things within themselves,” which suggests that the empirical is an end within its means, the means being its transcendental nature. But because true reality is unknowable, how can one logically declare ends towards its nature? It would only be a belief.

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