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An Introduction to Cyclothymia

What's cyclothymia? It's a mild form of the docs used to call "manic-depression," but which they re-name periodically. Cyclothymics can actually function decently well, and as such often don't know they've got it. If you cycle through highs and lows, are particularly artistic, or that describes someone you love, then read this post in full and please comment with your own experience. I'm still learning, myself.


Knowing the term "Cyclothymia" would have been very helpful to me a few years ago. This essay is plain English and, if I've done a good job, might help people who associate with a cyclothymic relate better to them, and might help a cyclothymic manage themselves better and produce better.

I'm against the "medical-ization" of life. We need medical terms, but we need to be able to explain things in plain English without labeling. Labeling, by definition, drastically simplifies.

Cyclothymia is simple at its roots, simple enough for a plain discussion without medicalization. Here's how it works for me -

International Ad Campaings strike a chord

On Millennial Marketing

International campaigns in the past rarely reach the shores of America because of our own ethnocentricism. Today we have the incredible capability of connecting to people around the world using the web. This incredible shift towards globalization has given us incite into other cultures. Advertisers internationally now more than ever have the ability to change negative perceptions Americans might have and show us a new side of humanity. Below I have two examples of this.

The first video is a concept we can all relate too. Many people have trouble overcoming their fears. As a defense tactic we push our fears to the side and ignore them.Vodafone released its campaign on helping people overcome their fear in a series titled #firsts. The purpose of the series is to help people do something that they've always wanted to but have never had the courage to try. Below is the story of An & Ria's first flight and its beautiful.

The second video comes from Thailand and is for insurance. A young man performs random acts of kindness throughout his town. The purpose of the ad is to show the universal idea of humanity and how paying it forward can lead to serendipity. If not both, at least one of these ads is bound to make you smile. Enjoy!

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