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Dalio on the fundamental limit

From Ray Dalio's Principles --

"The first, most important, and typically most difficult step in the 5-Step Process [of getting what you want out of life] is setting goals, because it forces you to decide what you really want and therefore what you can possibly get out of life. This is the step where you face the fundamental limit: life is like a giant smorgasbord of more delicious alternatives than you can ever hope to taste. So you have to reject having some things you want in order to get other things you want more.

Some people fail at this point, afraid to reject a good alternative for fear that the loss will deprive them of some essential ingredient to their personal happiness. As a result, they pursue too many goals at the same time, achieving few or none of them.

So it’s important to remember: it doesn’t really matter if some things are unavailable to you, because the selection of what IS available is so great. (That is why many people who had major losses—e.g., who lost their ability to walk, to see, etc.—and who didn’t narrow-mindedly obsess about their loss but rather open- mindedly accepted and enjoyed what remained, had equally happy lives as those who didn’t ever have these losses.)

Internal Scorecard #5


This is the fifth week of me publishing an internal scorecard. Last week, we discussed aiming for a 70% hit rate on short-term goals, and gearing down if you missed to focus on fundamentals.

This week was a transition from that, with a lot of things to accomplish before transiting, but nothing particularly too crazy.


It's basically unavoidable that if you're traveling at a fast pace, you lose productive days to "travel days." You also potentially accumulate fatigue and jet lag, even if you're a veteran traveler.

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