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That was only 65 minutes? Okay, a lot less aggravated now

Had a hell of a time at the Consulate trying to pick up a visa for longer than thirty days. I had my ducks about as lined up as I could, but it was going to come down to whether the consular official wanted to help me or not.

She didn't. Most useless human being I've encountered in a while. "So, by the rules, I'm sure I'm eligible for this visa..." - "I'm sorry, you're not." - "My friend got this same one, under these exact same circumstances, in Mongolia." - "Maybe you should go to Mongolia." - "The point is that it's the same rules there and here." - "You're an American. I'm sorry." - "Umm, right, yes, I'm American. So is my friend. I read all the rules that are available online, and I believe I'm eligible for this visa. I have the forms and money. Can you please just take the forms, the money, and put it into processing?" - "I can't do that. Next person, please." - "Excuse me, ma'am..." - "I can't help you. Next person."

That's just a snippet of the whole exchange. Man oh man, I've met some very friendly and useful and helpful consular officials and immigration officials, but I've also never seen a position with such uncalled-for amounts of arrogance. She wouldn't refer me to anyone else, wouldn't give me a copy of the rules that she's referring to (online, the website says I'm eligible) and was just a patronizing and nasty person. And I was pretty polite and friendly up until about 90% of the way through the conversation.

I run through all my options, and anything that's going to make a scene or escalate things is more likely to do harm to me than to get what I want.

I leave the Consulate, the security guard is very friendly and cool on the way out as I pick up the bag I left downstairs (thanks, that helped), and I sit down with some food and coffee.

May 1: Flavorless Challenge

On Leo Habits

Read about my challenge here.

The first post of my challenge (I'll try to post every day):

Started the day with black coffee, which is unusual for me as I drink it with soy creamer. It was fine, just not enjoyable. After awhile it mellowed out, less bitter, and wasn’t bad. Later I had tea instead of coffee, and enjoyed it fine.

I got really hungry in the late morning and had a carrot. Then boiled the potatoes, seitan & broccoli, ate the potatoes. Potatoes were good at first, even without salt & fat, but after the 3rd potato they got boring and less tasty, so that I didn’t enjoy the last couple at all.

Later I drank the olive oil by itself … this was not good. The taste stayed in my mouth for a couple hours. A bit later I had just boiled broccoli, and that was pretty bland. I don’t mind it at all but I couldn’t finish it.Even later, I had the boiled tempeh. I had to eat it in two sessions, about three hours apart, because there’s only so much boiled tempeh that you want to eat.A couple times the kids had food that really tempted me. Noelle’s PB&J sandwich smelled amazing. They had some curry & dosa later that I really wanted, but then put in the fridge so it was out of sight. When something is out of sight, I don’t crave it at all.

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