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Time Tracking v7

After a year and a half of huge gains from time tracking, I got away from the habit. The last time I tracked my time was 19th November 2011 - almost exactly 3 months ago.

Around that time, I started working 17 to 20 hours per day. I know people often exaggerate their hours, but I'm not doing so - I was working basically every minute of the day, and sleeping on the couch in my office.

With that sort of frenzied high-purpose action, and with a fluid set of actions of hiring/managing at the same time, I got away from tracking. The action dictated itself; there was no need to try to control or refine it.

Now, two of my big campaigns have stabilized and will largely run themselves, though they'll need constant balancing and looking-after. Also I note that I've been spending relatively too much time on firefighting, and not enough following up with people on my side.

So, I'm back on tracking. I added some elements to the new sheet

Time Tracking v10.1

When ever you start measuring something, you need to weigh the cost of measurement against the gains gotten from it.

Thus, it doesn't always make sense to track a metric. It can make a lot of sense to do it for a short time, understand how you're operating, make improvements, and then drop the tracking.

That's how it goes for me with filling out a time tracking sheet. I'll do it for a while to establish routines and make improvements, and then go off the process at other times during busy periods, or if I'm not getting much gain from it.

Here's my newest time tracking sheet. I fill this out daily, starting from the morning, and ending when I mark down the last notes at night. Explanation follows below --

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