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It's an extremely proud, nationalistic country. There's strong traditionally masculine elements here.

That means a culture that can be kind of xenophobic, violent, and aggressive.

Despite that, I actually like it. I like traditionally masculine, proud, nationalistic countries. I know that isn't fashionable to say in this day and age, but after having been around a lot of the world, I just feel really bad for the citizens of countries that are totally pacified and unproud. The men move through life in a sort of drudgery and haze, and the women don't seem to enjoy those state of affairs either.

That said, pride/nationalism/hyper-masculine mixed with transitioning out of poverty can lead to bad places. It's not so much nationalism that is bad, as much as it's a catalyst for whatever else is happening in the society. In a country in a renaissance or golden age, with an emphasis on expansion, science, commerce, innovation, hard work, and building wealth, nationalism and pride becomes a force for progress. In a country that's on the down and out, nationalism amplifies that to bad result.

Mongolia is interesting. Their national holiday, Naadam, is a festival in July featuring wrestling, horseback riding, and archery.

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On Gorilla Smoothie

Throughout my life I've struggled with pride. I've suffered from it's consequences. A relationship was completely destroyed from my pride. God has humbled me several times after I've boasted about my own ability and yet I continue to slip into that dark, prideful point of view. Pride is literally the most useless, worthless, pointless, and pleasureless of sins. With sex, with theft, even with murder, you get something out of that action. You gain pleasure with sex, you get nice watch with theft, you get revenge or the like with murder. But with pride one just sits and stews in the hatred of others thinking that you, yourself, is 'right'. You are alone when you are prideful. You gain nothing. You feel like everyone should be recognizing you for how smart you are but no one is and no one will, so you sit and puff yourself up, alone. It is completely without gain. So why is it the sin I struggle with the most? Why is there a temptation to do something that makes me hateful and feel alone? Is it because I love myself too much? Because the irony behind that is that I hate myself when I'm prideful.

I'm prideful because I love myself and I hate myself when I'm prideful...

That's a little odd. The enemy is so damn clever. He's not clever enough to reverse my salvation that Christ has given to me.

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