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fyi - thank you for your posts on time tracking.  I am greatly benefitting from them.  There is definitely room for an app/webbased/offline component here.  It's gotta flexible, customizable....simple for those just starting out and not needing intimidation but can also get complicated....  I'm currently working with excel to get some graphing and tracking going there.  I also use ever note for more text based items. ie. that's where I keep goals and resolutions. So when I get to the part of my routine that I need to review those, that's where I go.

I've greatly benefitted from your blog and am glad a friend of mine passed it along to me.  Keep up the good work.  

Here's an idea for a post (if you haven't done it already): How I decide what to write a blog post on next...or how I decide what to do next (sounds like you're juggling tons of projects.)

Peace, B

Wednesday is Gay Day!!!

On Where Pianos Roam

Some people call it hump day.

Other people call it the day after Tuesday.

While even more people call it the day BEFORE Thursday!!!!

Yesterday, it was tomorrow, but now, it's today!!

I hereby proclaim that from now on here at WPR .  .  . 

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