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The Reason My New Scarf Is In A Chinese Landfill

"Okay guys, are we sorted out? I've got a few more things I've got to do this evening."

There's nods all-around. We just got our new office set up, and our first fulfillment staff just came in to sign the employment contract.

I pack up my computer and walk out from the glass-doored meeting room into the main room and head to the coat rack. I put on my winter coat, button it, and put on my ushanka Russian-style hat.

Then I remember - good, Tony's here.


On The Words of Focus Project

This, right here, is the earliest post I've ever written.

It's 1535, and I've just left home.

And, for some reason, I've got that stressed feeling in my chest.

This isn't the first time I've had this feeling. I have it often.

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