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The Reason My New Scarf Is In A Chinese Landfill

"Okay guys, are we sorted out? I've got a few more things I've got to do this evening."

There's nods all-around. We just got our new office set up, and our first fulfillment staff just came in to sign the employment contract.

I pack up my computer and walk out from the glass-doored meeting room into the main room and head to the coat rack. I put on my winter coat, button it, and put on my ushanka Russian-style hat.

Then I remember - good, Tony's here.

There's No Mercy in Mario

On Military Dad

We were having trouble figuring out what to do on Saturday.

I suggested that we sit down and watch the entire Lord of the Rings series with the kids. My wife didn't think it was appropriate for a seven and four year old, so I decided to poll my Facebook friends. It turns out that it was a pretty unanimous agreement with my wife. Apparently, a movie series that involves zombie horses and getting attacked and paralyzed by a giant spider is inappropriate for kids...jeez.

Therefore, we decided to fire up the old Wii and have a Super Mario Brothers marathon.

We grabbed four controllers and went after Princess Peach. For the next few hours, we were in a zone. Goombas were smashed, turtle shells were thrown (mostly at each other), and there were times where the family barely survived. Most of all, were learned a lot about life and each other. Here are some of those lessons learned.

1. Strength Doesn't Always Lie in Numbers

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