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Weekly Lectures on Strategy -- First Is In Beijing, China on Sunday the 11th

I'll be doing weekly lectures on strategy in whatever city I'm in, starting this coming week in Beijing, China.

I'll either lecture myself or have a guest -- we have a lot of talented people come through with backgrounds in technology, marketing, finance, sales, art, etc. Currently we've got six bedrooms across two apartments that we use to put up visiting guests and partners, and we have a lot of talented people coming through. Some mix of myself and guests/partners will speak on history, money, business, decisionmaking, statistics, etc.

Other Details -

Exact Date: Sunday, March 11th. Exact time TBD. Exact Topic: Probably a broad overview of strategy. Location: Shuangjing District, Beijing. A short walk from Shuangjing Station on Line 10. Cost: Free. Optionally make a small donation to charity.

Light refreshments will be served.

Update On This Sunday's Strategy Lecture: Start time 4PM

Strategy Lecture 1. Beijing, China. Sunday, 11th March. At Shuangjing Station on Line 10. Cost is free, though a small donation to charity would be appreciated. The talk will be at 4PM, if you don't know the Shuangjing area well you can meet near Shuangjing Station at 3:30PM and I'll have someone swing by to get you. Come, enjoy, and invite your friends.

More details:


So, when someone is lying, how do you know it?

If a captain says to one of his infantry, "We're all going to get out of here alive" -- and then one of his men dies, was he telling the truth?

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