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The Biggest Flaw of Ayn Rand

Hey Sebastian,

I came across your site a few days ago after a friend posted a link to your "What Skills Do You Need to be an Entrepreneur? Only Two" article. While I've read many different blogging sites about similar topics, there was something about your writing that has compelled me to stay on your site and read through dozens of your articles. In fact, of all the sites/blogs I have read, you are the first I have attempted to contact. You seem like a really interesting guy, and you have certainly inspired me.

Anyways, I read in one of your works that you aren't much a fan of small talk (nor am I), so I'll cut straight to my questions:

What are you thoughts on Ayn Rand? Have you read Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead? The reason I ask is because a lot of your writing seems to reflect some of the core points of her philosophy, at least on an individual perspective (as portrayed in The Fountainhead). I'm not sure how you feel about her philosophy for a society as a whole, as in Atlas Shrugged.

If you've never read her before, here is a good excerpt of her thoughts on money (to get an idea of what her books are like):http://www.capitalismmagazine.com/economics/money/1826-francisco-s-money-speech.html

The Four Elements of a Perfect Day

On Tynan

I have a habit of analyzing everything. Call it a hobby, or a side effect of having a blog, constantly worrying that I might just run out of things to say some day. After all, how many different ways can I yell, "Be happy! Do what you want to do! Go to weird places! Wear wool clothing! "? My baseline day is pretty great, but on those occasions where my day just glistens with perfection, I analyze it and try to figure out why.

And although balance isn't a characteristic many people would attribute to my life, oddly enough, I've found that my best days have a balance of different elements to them. These elements may be unique to me, but they're so fundamental that I think they must be universal.

Getting Stuff Done

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