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Observations On Being Off-Track (Week Two Review)

What a damn strange week. It was totally off-track by my metrics, through a mix of stupid stuff coming up (people late, canceled appointments, need to do runaround stuff like renew visas), good opportunities coming my way that I grabbed that weren't on the core metrics, and after things started to slip, then poor pre-planning and poor tracking making it worse.

Let's review this week in-depth, it might be interesting for you. Here's a breakdown of what happened by day --

Day Eight: Busy, a couple big wins, but not on-track with my metrics.

Day Nine: Day started very strong, but then I had to do a lot of running around -- renewing my business visa, foreign resident registration at the police station, etc. Once I got into the "errand running" part of the day between visas, etc, the day went off-track.

Day Ten: Also hosed -- I had a few client calls at weird hours, so I had broken sleep through the night (with calls mixed in), then first thing in the morning I had to go to the Public Security Bureau for the new interview for my F-Visa. ("Interview" sounds stronger than it is. I stood in line for 40 minutes or so, smiled, said hello, they took my picture, I signed the form, and left.) Then had lunch about 40 minutes later, though my host for lunch was an hour late… and just like that, the top half of the day was gone, and already out in space. Did a long walk back home (from Guomao to Shuangjing), then a client canceled a call (family emergency on his end), and the power went out at one of my properties because the guys renting burned through a lot more power than normal.

Neetu posting Manish's entries on Ty's blog

On Tynan

Hello. Let me take a second to introduce myself. I am Neetu, Manish's younger sister by 2 years. We live together in an apartment and have decided to transition to polyphasic napping as a new lifestyle. Why waste all that time sleeping? Life's too short? Not anymore!

Anyways, I am writing his blog because he is incoherent to mentally tasking activities at the moment. He spent two nights sleeping for about 5 hours of sleep each night, and now he is further sleep deprived on the polyphasic sleep diet. He has resulted to cleaning his room and organizing his socks to stay awake. We look forward to the moment when fatigues stops being an issue, and the productivity really kicks in. At the moment, it is just a battle between us and the clock.

We were inspired by the by the experiment of Steve Pavlina and the constant borage and enthusiasm of our buddy Cornrow. On Pavlina's blog, you can read about his experiences and challenges in adopting to the new sleep schedule. Luckily, we are scattering our sleep cycles so that we can wake each other up after our naps. Cornrow got an early start and is pretty much already on the schedule, which is fantastic so he can keep us psyched and drive us around when we are delerious!

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