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Current Mantras

You could substitute in the word "initiative," "goal," or "target" if you don't like mantra. I'm not a believer in anything new agey or mystical. Rather, for me, "mantra" captures a complex and detailed idea in a short word or phrase. They're things I'm working on.

I was brainstorming at a cafe what I'm working on, what's most crucial in terms of development. This is the list I came to -

Create Enterprise Start day productive Focus Celerity I don't need to feel good to do the right thing.


In greater detail:

"Confused mom" doesn't get it - my first negative review!

On Linus Rylander

"I'm writing this quickly from a kindle so please excuse my spelling.

I am only half way through and so far have not read anything new.He talks about a "boot camp" that someone else had where he learned this info.

What surprised and upset me was the unnecessary vulgar language. Continues to drop the f-bomb, why? It is as if he is a teenage boy trying to impress his buddies.

The he talks about different people he has gone up to to ask questions...and says "even a group of obese women", what does obesity and being female have to do with being difficult to speak to? Very imature.

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