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Good intentions not required

Y'know, everyone thinks they have good intentions. Have you ever met anyone who said, "I'm here to break stuff and screw the world up"? No, of course not.

I'm thinking you don't actually need good intentions to do good works. Actually, good intentions by themselves don't seem to accomplish much of anything.

Here's the top three virtues I'd look for in someone to actually achieve good things.

Strength is the virtue that's required for all other virtues. If you're not internally strong, you get easily swayed by opinions, social pressure, culture, and things like that. It's hard to hold on to virtues if you're not strong when you're in the crowd.

The Most Important Trait

On Tynan

Some people have it, but most don't. For those who have it, it permeates every area of their life. They look for it in everyone else. Those who don't have it are naturally drawn to it, but they don't know why. It attracts the opposite sex.

What am I talking about?

Left handedness.

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