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Producing is a Million Times Better Than Consuming

If I ate the finest cuisine every meal, every day, for 10 years straight - it still wouldn't be as satisfying as the joy that comes from creating something worthwhile.

Building things that matter. Doing things that matter. This is so much more satisfying than consuming.

I eat plain oatmeal, brown rice with tunafish on it, drink black coffee, eat some fruits and vegetables, and try to eat light. Nutrition, not pleasure. But still - there is quite a lot of pleasure in a simple bit of tuna on rice or pasta. That right there is pretty enjoyable - it gives me fuel, keeps me going, gives me life.

How much better is the finest chef's meal than plain tuna on brown rice? Somewhat better, I guess. I've eaten really, really nice food. My favorite is chutoro nigiri, the slightly fatty part of the tuna. It's a delicacy. I had a $15 piece of chutoro once. It was great.

But was it much better than plain tuna on brown rice? Not so much. Creating, producing, building - that gives so much more satisfaction.

Comment: "Spend time with people who are older and younger than yourself"

Raunak Agarwal left this great comment on "Don’t know what you’re doing with your life?" -

Great post Sebastian. I want to add one point: spend time with people who are older and younger than yourself. This would probably constitute family for most people. I can’t explain why yet (perhaps it gives us a sense of where we are coming from and going), but occasional interactions with old people and young children always leave me feeling richer. I found these interactions especially lacking when I was working away from home in the U.S.

A brief comment, but I think there's lots of wisdom in that. I'm sitting and reflecting on it for a moment.

I think Raunak is on to something here. You can absorb a lot of wisdom, poise, and maturity from people that have been there before you, and pick up a lot of energy, fun, and spontaneity from kids.

I was in a cafe a few weeks ago and a young kid was going around with his finger like a gun going, "bang! bang!" at people. Most of the adults were ignoring him, but I ducked under the table and put up my finger to shoot back - 'bang! bang!"

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