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Just got a Mac. Going to try the work-computer/play-computer thing

After the ten millionth recommendation from another one of my highly intelligent and productive friends, I caved and got a Mac Air.

It's going to take me a while to replace some of my Windows-only applications (MyLifeOrganized isn't on Mac, so I'll need to find something else for tracking). And after 3 Toshiba laptops across seven years, I was fast with Toshiba's keyboard exact keyboard layout.

Those will take a bit of acclimation time, but I'm already impressed with some of the nice touches on the Mac. I won't gush and sing praises - you can get that in many places online - but it really does seem to work together cohesively more than Windows.

Anyways. The more interesting point for you is that I'm going to test the two computer setup - I'll keep my Toshiba for a while, and do any/all internet surfing, media, and things of that nature on the Toshiba. I'll use the Mac only for work and work-related things. I suspect it's going to be a huge productivity boost and procrastination-killer... or at least, the type of procrastination will improve some. I'll update you as time goes by.

Also, feel free to recommend any favorite Mac software in the comments.

I did not want to write this

On The Words of Focus Project

Well, here we are. You, me, and a big fat desire to not write right now.

I should have napped more. I should have slept even. In the end, a nap turned into a sleep , and I missed the night.

I also missed meeting up with Pedro and that crew. I've got a meeting in Ubud at 12. Farmers yard is a half hour away. They wake around 730

So I leave here at 7, I can be there by 730. I can stay till 930, then head for Ubud.

Yesterday began well enough. Did my morning ritual. Then, somehow, I got derailed. I did some email, as I wanted to, but told myself I'd be working through the night and so didn't have to work so hard today. What wound up happening is that I didn't work much of the day, then fell asleep. Whoops.

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