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Just got a Mac. Going to try the work-computer/play-computer thing

After the ten millionth recommendation from another one of my highly intelligent and productive friends, I caved and got a Mac Air.

It's going to take me a while to replace some of my Windows-only applications (MyLifeOrganized isn't on Mac, so I'll need to find something else for tracking). And after 3 Toshiba laptops across seven years, I was fast with Toshiba's keyboard exact keyboard layout.

Those will take a bit of acclimation time, but I'm already impressed with some of the nice touches on the Mac. I won't gush and sing praises - you can get that in many places online - but it really does seem to work together cohesively more than Windows.

Anyways. The more interesting point for you is that I'm going to test the two computer setup - I'll keep my Toshiba for a while, and do any/all internet surfing, media, and things of that nature on the Toshiba. I'll use the Mac only for work and work-related things. I suspect it's going to be a huge productivity boost and procrastination-killer... or at least, the type of procrastination will improve some. I'll update you as time goes by.

Also, feel free to recommend any favorite Mac software in the comments.

The Secret To Happiness

On No Status Quo

For years I've been pondering what could be the key to living a happier, more fulfilled life. Today, I think I have the answer.

Forget about money, fame, fancy cars, relationships, exercise, family, traveling, new experiences or even good health. Because none of that matters if you don't know how to appreciate it.

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