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Your Journal Has (Not) Been Updated

Image credit: Zarah.

The RPG computer game genre stretches back 30+ years. As time passed, the complexity of missions, quests, objectives, and plot information grew and grew.

Around the late 1990's, games started having a "Journal" function - you'd press "J" and you could see a recap of information from recent important dialogs.

Before that, if you forget info - well, that's really tough...

Journaling: You're Doing It Wrong (and how to get practical, real-life results from your journal-writing)

On Linus Rylander

There's a long list of benefits that go along with keeping a journal, but I think most people go about it all wrong.

But hey, wait a minute, I thought only silly people wrote in journals?

If you ain't doing it, you're the silly one, silly.

So first of all, why the heck would you want to journal?

Here's my top reason: the externalization of thoughts and experiences

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