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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

"What gets measured, gets managed." - Peter Drucker

There is so much power in this quote. If you've never tracked yourself, you don't even know how much power there is in tracking. I couldn't even explain it adequately. You wouldn't believe me. You'd think I was exaggerating. The simple act of paying attention to something will cause you to make connections you never did before, and you'll improve the those areas - almost without any extra effort.

I'm not a believer in "free lunch" and I don't think the universe vibrates things to you just by thinking about them. But the closest thing to a free lunch getting vibrated to you by the universe is writing things down as they happen.

Before I go any further, I need to give you one piece of advice - start small and build up, so you don't overwhelm yourself. This is just being pragmatic. You want to scale up gradually, as I wrote up in "The Evolution of My Time/Habit/Life Tracking." You want to build small wins, lock them so they become automatic, and then expand.

I'd have a hard time convincing you of the power of tracking, so I'll just show you. I fill this out every single day.

Early On a Sunday Morning . . .

On Where Pianos Roam

Regretfully, I was not able to actually write and publish this post this morning as I usually do.  It was a rushed dash out the door as soon as I got up.  I had decided that I needed sleep more than I was able or willing to blog. I spent the wee hours of this morning in the studios of 91.1 WRVU performing for my friend Tony Youngblood's show The Ore Theatre Intangible.  This is a show that showcases the best in recorded experimental music and also features guest performers who play music off the cuff and live on the air.  I played some of the different sounds on my trusty and portable Casio Privia keyboard, and I spent long stretches of the show playing my little green melodica. Myself, Anthony and Brey from the experimental group Metronome Theremin, and Pimp Daddy Supreme were all on hand to play over an hour of continuous experimental soundscaping.  It was so much fun.  In my mind, what resulted was a very ambient and haunting confluence of sounds from performers who matched their skills with their ability to sync in with other players. As soon as I get a link to the recordings of this session, I'll post them up for anyone to hear and download.  It's all cool and beautiful stuff. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end and was able to muster up 4 hours of sleep before rushing out the door this morning for my day's commitments. It is now just past 11:00 PM CST, and I just took some sleeping pills fifteen minutes ago.  They should start kicking in any minute now.  I tried to sleep earlier, but I couldn't.  One of the few things in life I deplore is the feeling of being very tired but not being able to sleep.  I usually never need sleeping pills, but I caved tonight.  I really need some rest.  This week will be mighty busy for me. I'd write more, but I'm feeling my body give in to the sleep it has lacked over the weekend.  I'm looking forward to a deep, peaceful sleep. I'm off to dreamland .  .  . -g

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