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It Counts!

My life has been the process of gradually shedding idealism as I find out what really works.

One that took the longest to go was the idea that working on something cooler, sexier, or more noble is more important than achieving your objectives. Y'know, I'd look at people who take government benefits or got no-bid contracts, and I didn't really respect it. I thought, hey, that's not as good as doing it your own way.

Or maybe something is more glamorous, or more right and proper to excel in. Or something.

Now? Nahh, I'm starting to realize it all counts. All of it counts. If you need a certain amount of cash to do what you want to do, it counts pretty much regardless of how you do it.

Oh, still, don't violate your core ethics. Yes, of course. I've probably got more strict ethics than most people and I've spent a lot of time thinking about mine.

Designers: Get Paid By Being A Primadonna

If you're a designer, or any creative professional, this might be the most important thing you read this year. My sensationalist headline aside, it's not about money or being a primadonna. It's about defining how you work, working how you define, having an environment of trust and respect and creativity, and otherwise getting the life you want.

Sadly, many creatives just trust that that'll happen… and it doesn't. They get taken advantage of. This needs to stop.

Some things in here are scary. You don't need to do what's unnatural to you, you don't need to do anything in particular in here, and you don't need to rush yourself. Any given suggestion in here might increase your income by 20% and cut your "client stress" in half.

I'll tell you my story in a moment, so you can assess my credibility and see if this is workable advice. (It is.) I'll give you recommendations on where you can learn more. In exchange, I ask just one thing - if at any point while reading this, you think, "This is one of the most important things I've read this year" - then you immediately share it with as many people as you can that you think it would help.

I think that's fair, do you?

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