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Streams of Income vs. Just Getting Some Cash

Was having lunch today with a friend of mine who is a fantastically entrepreneurial, smart, skilled, massively hard-working, and has done some amazing things in his life.

But lately, his cash has dried up.

We talked about it, and it turns out he's doing something mentally that I did quite a lot in the past -- often to my detriment.

I was focused on doing "very high value activities" -- by some abstract standard of my own -- and often neglected to get what seemed like small amounts of cash.

My friend is doing the same thing. He's looking for "streams of income"; not "just getting some cash."

Steel Thyself Against Delays

My apologies for not writing lately. A mix of a family member being ill (she's fine, thanks), and today's lesson --

Prepare for things to take longer than you plan, and don't get demoralized when it happens.

Every multi-step project has multiple potential pitfalls you might be unaware of.

Take banking, for instance. This happened to me, and has happened to lots of people I know. They assume getting a local bank account in a foreign country is no big deal, and budget a couple hours for it. Then they're shocked when it takes much longer and with more runaround than anticipated.

This can screw up all kinds of things -- setting up a way to receive payments, send invoices, etc.

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