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Note: Send shorter emails

Want to get more replies to your emails?

Keep them shorter. A paragraph max.

A lot of times I get really interesting emails that contain 3 or 4 different themes and are many paragraphs long.

I usually don't say, "Oh, this is too long, I'll never reply to it." Instead, I say "I'll get to this later."

But then I don't get to it later. 

Ideas, inspiration and interviews

On Alan's Journey

I'm going to do some interviews on this blog of other people who are already Perpetual Travellers. The purpose is for me to get some ideas and inspiration from these people, and share the inspiration on this blog.

I've put the call out to a few people I'm already following, and will be doing some searching to find some others.

I think that the more insight I gain into how these people have done what they're doing, the more I'm going to learn and be inspired towards doing the same thing myself.

Expect to read these interviews soon!

I may do this practice with other topics as well. I think it would be great to have this blog as something that not only captures my insights and experiences, but also the experiences of others that are doing the same thing as what I'm doing, or what I want to do

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