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Internal Scorecard #12: Once More Into The Breach

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger"

-- Shakespeare, Henry V


I write these Internal Scorecards up, usually weekly, so that you can see the pragmatic applications of strategy, habits, operations, production, etc. The good and bad, the upsides and downs, and so on. I get a lot out of it too -- it gives me and external accountability mechanism, and good feedback.

This one covers 11 August to 17 August.

First things first

On The Brave Tiger

Well, I thing, first I have to say "hello". I'm not quit sure, what this blog will be all about. It will be about me, for sure. And like so many others blogs I'm reading, I guess, it will include topics like programming, living, being a dad, buying a house, maybe doing sports, or doing geek stuff, or doing zen..

Then of course, it will be an exercise in writing. Writing is an essential skill, and as Leo stats over at Zen-Habits, I hope I could learn a lot over myself. But it's more then just an exercise in writing, it's an exercise in writing english, because I'm no native english speaker, or writer, in this case.

Ah.. and the name of the blog: "The Brave Tiger"! I guess, I will change it sometime in the near future, but I have no better name by now. Therefore I will stick to that for a start.

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