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It's a good time to be alive

A lot of times, people worry about new prosperity, automation, and technology. This is from a Hacker News comment -

"You really gotta wonder how this is gonna turn out. How are dumb people supposed to earn a living when technology makes all the jobs for dumb people obsolete?"

My reply:

Every time new automation is invented, people think is going to happen. Seriously, this goes back to pre-Industrial Revolution times. Any time part of the labor process is automated away, people think that there's going to be permanent economic damage, and they're consistently wrong.

We'll adapt. There's always new things to be done. Personally, I'm betting on a greater diversity of creative and artistic work happening - people in core industries that are going to remain and grow in profitability (technology, raw materials, energy, consumer goods, construction, etc) will have more surplus income to spend on personalization, customization, different and more unique kinds of entertainment, etc.

No seriously, your mileage may vary

On Mental Models

People often see someone succeed, and then try to copy what they do, in order to succeed at the same thing.

One of the problems with that is: you're not them. What works for them might not work for you. Let's not underestimate how very different humans can be in character, physiology and psychology.

This happened to me when I first read Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Work Week. There's a passage in there where he mentions that nothing puts him to sleep quicker than reading a few pages of fiction in bed.

This is the exact opposite of what fiction does to me. I've literally stayed awake all night into the wee hours of morning, all because a work of fiction (mostly books, because only they last a whole night) kept me awake. Good fiction grips me more than almost anything. It inspires me, shows me the possibilities I didn't see in reality, touches me emotionally and in my mind I become part of the fiction, and it part of me.

Point being, while fiction puts Tim Ferris to sleep, it keeps me awake. Reading fiction doesn't help me fall asleep.

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