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What's the most money you'd pay to write a letter?

A dollar or two?

Ten bucks, if it was an important letter?

Maybe $1,000 to write a final letter to someone you really loved?

Last month, I wrote the most expensive letter of my life.

Overcoming Negativity: Day 7

On Huan M. Nguyen

The seventh day of Overcoming Negativity.

A full week! Definite progress has been made in this week, and I hope the remaining two-thirds of time left will show even more improvement!

There isn't much to write about, for this day. Most notable is that it's now been a week, but other than that... not much.

I'm starting to get sporadic about my journaling and meditation, even though they're supposed to be daily habits. That wagon is one that deserves jumping back on immediately.

I thought of something to talk about: how interesting it is the way we get used to things.

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