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"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta has inspired millions through his writing on Zen Habits, where he's shared his experiences in building up great habits, cutting clutter and junkfood from his life, learning about great parenting and building a wonderful family, eliminating debt, increasing his income and productivity, and living a life that's more happy through and through.

Leo is now graciously participating in GiveGetWin with a practical class on "action-oriented contentment", and he sat down with Sebastian Marshall to share his thoughts on what motivates him, around what contentment is, on trusting yourself, on being compassionate and compassion as an impetus for action, on self-compassion and treating yourself well, and happiness in general. Enjoy:

"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta, as told to Sebastian Marshall

Look Ma' I'm Doing Something!

On Man of the Couch

I work all day (and far too often part of the night), then, when I get home I'm too tired lazy to do anything. I sit on the couch and watch whatever is on TV until it's time to go to bed. My wife and I both have a black belt in Netflix for the Wii, she can find a teen dramedy and I can find a mindless sit-com faster than you can say "TV's done nothing but gone downhill since they ended Seinfeld." We've gone all the way through The Office, Greek, Psych, Stargate, and Scrubs multiple times.

I want to be the "Man of the House," but I'm nothing more than the "Man of the Couch." (oooooooh see what I did there!)

This is the story of me doing something...anything that takes energy from my muscles or my mind. This is the story of me doing new things, learning new skills, getting out there, and living life.

Here's the best part, I want you to be part of it. I want you to learn new skills along with me (and probably teach me a thing or two), I want you to experience new things with me, and most of all I want you to get off of the couch too!

So what do you think? Do you want to join me?

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