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My current understanding of how strategy gets shaped and turned into action, and results

Salij MacNeacail, who is very smart, kicked off a good discussion on the comments of an old post, "The Philosophical Disposition vs. The Results Disposition."

You might find the whole discussion interesting and worth reading; there are a lot of good points in there.

One part that was flattering and made me write out my current conception of strategy was this,

I thought of the following while walking just now: one of the reasons I appreciate/value your blog so much, is that you don't divorce theory from practice... Effective strategy is a happy marriage between theory and practice, or between philosophy and action...

How a Die-Hard Christian Strengthened my Agnosticism

On Runner's Ravings

By Steven Chaffin, Jr.

Trekking from my introductory philosophy course to a large, stereotypical lecture microeconomics class is always worthwhile. Between the two halls is a wonderfully unique place, known as Speaker’s Circle. Within the brick-paved circle, through which hundreds of students pass daily, lies a limitless right to free speech.

Anyone, be it a student, faculty member, or someone off the street can enter the circle and say anything they please, no matter how controversial, rude, or loud. I have seen communists bashing the free market, and have heard many proclaim their love to certain controversial leaders around the world.

More commonly, however, Speaker’s Circle offers something less controversial and less surprising: a group of die-hard Christians. These are the people that desperately want you to convert, to leave college, and join a nunnery. The very same people that mock modernity’s sinful practices and call for radical change.

:: Be Content with Uncertainty ::

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