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Darker Aesthetics - Yea or Nay?

Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" - it's all black and white, there's some beautiful imagery and aesthetics in there, but it's got all kinds of occult/satanic symbolism.

What think ye? A "yea" vote is a vote for aesthetics or general defiance of the religions, spirituality, and philosophy that'd condemn the occult. A "nay" vote says, "No, I don't think any aesthetic value is worth glorifying that sort of thing."

For a music video that's black and white, and also haunting, but lacks the satanic imagery, there's Massive Attack's "Splitting the Atom" -

Comment: "It has been my experience that people who consider ethics frequently come to very similar conclusions"

Yesterday I shared my observations in "Comparing Jehova’s Witness and Islamic Info Brochures." A reader, Robert Maefs, is a practicing Jehova's Witness and shared his perspective. I thought there were a couple really good observations in here, and thought it deserved more notice -

As a practicing Jehovah’s Witness I appreciate the time you took to look at the brochures and actually think about them. It’s nice to see them get in the hands of someone who considers them thoughtfully rather than immediately throwing them in the trash.

I can offer a little insight into your implied question. The brochures and the tracts are intended to be “conversation starters”. The goal is for us to learn about the things that perplex or distress you individually. Then we try to use a personal individual study of the Bible to explain the questions and concerns in the context of those things that you noticed we highlight in the publications: God’s Kingdom, His purpose for the world, and your relationship with other people.

“Requirements” and “Discipline” and all those things highlighted in the Muslim brochure are extraordinarily important to practicing our faith as well. In fact, they’re so important that I often appreciate your similar viewpoints about them that you express in your blog.

We may disagree about the origin, center, direction and circumstance of morality and ethics but it has been my experience that people who who thoughtfully consider ethics frequently come to very similar effective conclusions. Such things have been noted for millennia, and are even pointed out in the Bible itself.

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