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Willingness to Suffer

A question I think on a lot -

What's it take to do interesting and important things in the world?

That's one of the things regularly explored here - creativity, ambition, self-discipline, paying attention to numbers and getting probability on your side, relating with people, thinking clearly, establishing good habits, etc, etc.

Add this one to the list -

A willingness to suffer for what you want.

Who will be England’s next Richard Branson?

On The Thoughtful Young Djedi from Bermuda

By the looks of it that title lies with a young 22 year old multi-millionaire by the name of Jamal Edwards.

Jamal Edwards started SB.TV when he was 16 years old. Growing up in the West London district of Acton, he received a $300 camera from his parents for Christmas and started filming the local rappers in his neighborhood.

The videos mostly consisted of short interviews and MCs spitting bars in front of the camera. Jamal learned how to edit those videos and shortly thereafter started to post them on the recently launched YouTube network.

As Jamal started to shoot and produce more video content he generated a buzz around the London HipHop and Grime scene. At the time he was still working as a shop assistant in TopMan to make ends meet but he quickly saw his entrepreneurial future in the work he was doing outside of his 9 to 5.

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