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Willingness to Suffer

A question I think on a lot -

What's it take to do interesting and important things in the world?

That's one of the things regularly explored here - creativity, ambition, self-discipline, paying attention to numbers and getting probability on your side, relating with people, thinking clearly, establishing good habits, etc, etc.

Add this one to the list -

A willingness to suffer for what you want.

Hope That Your Errors Lead You Astray Quickly

"The worst thing that can happen in your first trip to Vegas is to win," as the old saying goes.

It also turns out that "beginner's luck" is real -- if you survey gamblers, a statistically significant portion of them did win early despite their lack of skill.

But is it because Lady Luck smiles on beginners?

Or, more likely, is it survivorship bias? People who go to Vegas and promptly lose $1000 are far less likely to fall in love with cards than someone who goes and promptly wins $1000 with no skill.

Nobody likes to lose. Losing feels terrible. But if you're embarking on a long journey with serious character flaws, you want to hope your character flaws get punished (and thus shown to you) early in the journey, while you're still in sight of friendly towns and cities.

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