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Steps to Achievement: The Pitfalls, Costs, Requirements, and Timelines

I just posted a new article at Less Wrong - "Steps to Achievement: The Pitfalls, Costs, Requirements, and Timelines." This is a little bit longer and more dry than I write for my blog, but I think there's some very important things in here.

If you're interested in goals and achievement, there's quite a lot of meat here. I'm putting the full version up here and please feel very welcome to comment here on this topic, but also consider heading over to Less Wrong, grab a free account, and start participating there. As I described in "You Should Probably Study Rationality," it's a wonderful community.

Reply to: Humans Are Not Automatically Strategic

In "Humans Are Not Automatically Strategic," Anna Salamon outlined some ways that people could take action to be more successful and achieve goals, but do not:

A Look Into the Future

On Matt's Reality

The picture above contains ambiguous text from a fictional government document in my early and obviously unfinished manuscript of the science fiction novel I have in the works. But that's not all, let me tease you even further.

This is a poster I created for the single purpose of teasing you all. I've been asked repeatedly for information about the novel I've been writing, so there you have it. The poster as you can see contains a direct quote from the book--good luck trying to figure it all out. I've disclosed just enough information to satiate the hunger of my extensive fan club (if you consider approximately 10 people extensive) without spoiling the exact plot, leaving room for speculation.

Let me clear a few things up just to avoid confusion:

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