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Who doesn’t like the cars and property and perks? But earning money is more about self-discovery for me

"The Knack for Getting Money" was a very popular post yesterday. In it, we looked at the success of two people with a real knack for making money - Judd Weiss and 50 Cent. I invited both of them to comment, and Judd kindly wrote this up. Here's Judd:

The Knack for Getting Money is a broad matter that cannot be fully understood from a sound bite, but I can say a few things.

I don’t know what a hangup for making money is. I try to offer something people will willingly pay for, and then they pay for it. What’s to be hungup about?

After years of pushing people (and my employees) to get out there and do more and become greater; perhaps the most significant trait that I’ve noticed, more than intelligence and skills, is that they’re genuinely excited.

It’s helpful to look at abnormal achievers in other fields. Sports always serves as a quick visual example. Why did that basketball player bother to get so good playing a game? Why did a body builder put so much muscle on his body? Why do some men consciously work to sleep with a ridiculous number of women? Why do some guys knock it out of the park with their income?

The Relationship with Money

Got a lot of great replies and discussion in response to "The Knack for Getting Money" and "Hello, dear reader – what’s money to you?"

The "Knack" post was really popular and got spread around, and it's kind of crazy to see the reaction. I got a chance to connect with a few cool people I'd never met before over business and entrepreneurship type stuff, but also some people were really nasty. The biggest thing that surprises me is how a number of people equated wanting to make money with sociopathy.

What the hell? Looking to provide value, serve people, and get a share of the value you created is a disease?

I asked a number of people to weigh in with:

1. If they've had any interesting experiences, and, 2. Why some people act like working to make money is wrong (which seems crazy to me - provide legit service, work hard, deliver, and get a share of the value you create... duh?)

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