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The line between impossible and huge effort possible goals?

Question from a reader -

Hi! Interested to hear your thoughts about this: where do you draw the line between impossible and huge-effort-possible goals?

First, I'll be honest. I don't have a perfect neat answer for this that's epiphany generating... I'm going to try to work through it on paper, and I appreciate feedback from everyone in the comments if you have related ideas.

Let's get started. First and foremost, I can't say this enough - study history! If you don't study history, you don't know what's possible. Period. You need to study history if you want to know what's possible.

Here's some good people to brush up on. Now, most people's reaction is, "I couldn't do that! He did so much!" But trace their steps, these men often came from humble origins and suffered much. Don't say "Wow." Ask, "How?" How did they do it?

Interview your job interviewers

On Alan's Journey

I went for a job interview this week. I didn't need to, because I'm currently working (contracting) and reasonably happy with where I'm at (insofar as it pays good money), so I took the opportunity to interview the interviewers about this new role.

I know I've been talking recently about building online sources of income that will allow me to give up the day job and have the freedom to travel, but until I make that happen, I still need the day job. I think that's going to be an ongoing concern for a while yet.

So anyway, this opportunity was a 12 month contract for a senior role, with the a couple of 12-month extensions. That's a very nice opportunity, but there's always the risk that you'll end up working for people you don't like, in a job that won't interest or challenge you.

The basic position description seemed interesting enough, but I needed to know more. So I went into the interview with the intention of having them tell me why I should work for them.

Most people go into an interview with the intention of selling themselves, to help ensure they get the job. Most people looking for work in Australia (probably anywhere, really) believe they don't have the luxury of choice, that if they're looking for a job then they need to take whatever they can get. The common attitude is that if you don't like it, you can always look for another one once you've been in the job for a while.

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