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Damn Inbox - I'm Not Doing Anything Else Until It's Empty

It's 2:57PM local time in Saigon. I have some tea, some fruit, and I am in a comfortable spot. I will not leave this room until my inbox is empty.

I always keep it pretty low, but I got ~20,000 visitors over the last few weeks. Even answering more than half the email I was getting each day, my inbox is now built up to a staggering 73 messages, many of which require 5-10 minutes or more to process. (If they average 5 minutes each, I'll be here for the next six hours.)

I keep meaning to do this, but slagging it off. Hence, I make a public commitment. Burning the boats, as it were.

My general plan -

1. I have some Google Alerts built up - some of them got pretty long with links. I try to reach out to people to say thanks and hi and see who is linking here, so I've let these stack up. The first thing I'll do is copy them all down into another document, and then I can contact later or not.

Change Labs Mission 7: Self Acceptance

On Mindful Change

When I was in military basic training they determined my "ideal weight" - an actual number, not a range. Since then, I think I've always held that number in my head as where I "should" be (aka my ideal). But I'm no longer a teenager and that number may not even be realistic anymore. It's true that seeing the good in my body is a lot smarter than focusing on the extra weight I don't appreciate. So this week I will focus on appreciating the good in this body God gave me.

As far as my paper pile, I think my ideal is to have an empty inbox, at least weekly. The pile is much smaller than when we started but I haven't made it to empty yet. It's kind of hard to see the good in a pile of paper but I suppose there are opportunities. To make decisions. To keep only what serves me best and release the rest. To figure out how to organize my medical paperwork (even a binder or file would make more sense than my inbox). To build my anti procrastination muscle and start making paperwork related decisions more quickly. And probably more.

Peace, love and happiness to you all!

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