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How Much Time Spent Measuring?

I got a good question On Twitter from @Carole_Fabre. She wrote:

@sebastmarsh Are you not afraid to fall infinitively in the mirror with all these mesures ?

@sebastmarsh and have you already mesure the time you spend mesuring ? :-)

She's half-joking, but it's a good point. Here's my thoughts -

1. Tracking should serve you, you shouldn't serve it. Your system should be lightweight and easy and fun to use. You should get much more results out of it than you put into it.

The Real Anniversary

On Imported Blog

So I know today is America's Independence Day, but because I love talking about myself I want to talk about another anniversary: this blog. The anniversary is quite not today, bur rather roughly a week ago (June 26th). But this is the first blog I've continuously blogged for a year, so it's a major achievement for me.

My past success (or lack thereof) with blogs is pretty laughable. In elementary school, I made a blog about my hometown with the help of my relatives. And, it was pretty much a directory of places to find. I was off and on for that, and I don't believe I continued posting after a few months. After all, though, my age wasn't even in the double digits yet.

A few years ago, later, I then dabbled into blogging again. I set out to create a sports blog with my long-distance cousin. We mainly talked about soccer, and it was my attempt to get into the sport. We created some solid content. For a week or two. It quickly became a failure as we both had other commitments and it was hard to motivate each other when we lived so far away.

A year or two passed, and I tried blogging again. Again a sports blog, but solely on basketball (a sport I was actually familiar with). I had high hopes for the blog. I wanted to offer potential trades, analyze draft picks, etc. I even created my first Twitter account, dedicated to be a supplement for the blog. Very quickly, it failed. Too much planning and not enough execution has been a consistent problem in my life, and it definitely occurred here.

Eventually, I started blogging personally. It pretty much consisted of my immature rants on life combined with me tracking my runs. I'm not sure if I created one or two (not at the same time) personal blogs. Whatever the number was, I failed. I quickly realized the uselessness of such a blog. Plus, I found a larger audience I could vent to: Twitter. I'm currently notorious for tweeting about the most pointless stuff and don't exactly have a great reputation on it.

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