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Starting Reading On Strategy

Hey Sebastian,

My name's J - I'm 22, a senior in college, and the founder/co-founder of 2 different startups. I have been reading a lot about strategy and history as of late, and been a reader of your blog for several months now.

I wanted to know - what would you say the top 3 most influential books are that you've read on strategy? What books have allowed you to reach the position you are currently in? Any suggestions would be appreciated (especially ones that you didn't suggest in your recent email to your mailing list - I'm working through those!).

Principles by Ray Dalio (free online, that's #1) Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (not strategy, but necessary for your personal development to become more strategic)


Good Internal Documents Are Great Reading

I've found internal documents written by smart people and smart companies to be infinitely better than stuff put out there for PR which tends to be weighted-down, caveated, and also more basic than the hard-hitting internal stuff.

Two of my favorites --

1. Ray Dalio's "Principles" -- from Ray Dalio, the brilliant manager of the world's largest hedge fund. His "Principles" is one of the most important and valuable reads I've found:


2. Valve's "New Employee Handbook" -- a great document on culture that provides a look at how a sharp non-traditional company does it. Quite good:

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