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Starting Reading On Strategy

Hey Sebastian,

My name's J - I'm 22, a senior in college, and the founder/co-founder of 2 different startups. I have been reading a lot about strategy and history as of late, and been a reader of your blog for several months now.

I wanted to know - what would you say the top 3 most influential books are that you've read on strategy? What books have allowed you to reach the position you are currently in? Any suggestions would be appreciated (especially ones that you didn't suggest in your recent email to your mailing list - I'm working through those!).

Principles by Ray Dalio (free online, that's #1) Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (not strategy, but necessary for your personal development to become more strategic)


How To Create Valuable & Usable Content

On Josef Experience Architect

The usability of content is a key factor to flow in experience architecture. Poor usability at a least creates user confusion and at worst frustration or anger. Good usability however, creates an enjoyable experience that increases user engagement and improves loyalty.

Usable content provides information to a user which allows them to carry out a goal. Good usable content however, provides clear information in a simple format that aligns with the user's goals, emotions and expectations.

Good usable content can come in many forms. For example: a mathematics tutorial video to demonstrate a method to solve a problem may work for one user group. However another may prefer an ebook format instead. But it can range from the text on a button in a mobile application through to the credit card payment form on a website.

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