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On Bulls in China Shops, and Famous People Being Pricks

I was seething. I was furious. And I was even more furious that I was furious. Agh, this is so bloody irrational of me, I can't believe I'm getting bent out of shape over this.

I'm transitioning into meta-furious. This is both bad and ridiculous.

I had been waiting for a shuttle bus and met two Chinese girls from Guangzho. Pretty girls, very so-so English, seemed like nice people. And as we were striking up a nice conversation, a very awkward guy jumped in to CHAT!!! Let's CHATTT!!!! HEY WHERE YOU FROM WHERE YOU GOING HOW LONG ARE YOU HERE?!?

Now, I can deal with someone jumping in to a conversation. Okay, maybe it's not always great. But you can roll with it. Usually. But not this time.

This time it was the proverbial Bull in the China Shop.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

On Reading Monkey

The story starts with Alice falling down a rabbit hole. She finds a passage witch leads to a little door. A little later on Alice finds a picnic where she finds March Hare and a Hatter.

The tea party was my favourite bit because the Hatter and Dormouse and March Hare were there . And I liked the Dormouse's story because he thought you draw on water instead of draw water out of a water well. I thought it was very funny . The Mock Turtle cried a lot and I thought he would hurt his eyes. I wondered what the triall was when Alice and the Gryphon heard it . I liked the bit when Alice fell down the rabbit hole because you didn't know if the rabbit hole was very big or Alice was falling very slowly.

I'd recommend 4 and upwards read this book.

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