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On Bulls in China Shops, and Famous People Being Pricks

I was seething. I was furious. And I was even more furious that I was furious. Agh, this is so bloody irrational of me, I can't believe I'm getting bent out of shape over this.

I'm transitioning into meta-furious. This is both bad and ridiculous.

I had been waiting for a shuttle bus and met two Chinese girls from Guangzho. Pretty girls, very so-so English, seemed like nice people. And as we were striking up a nice conversation, a very awkward guy jumped in to CHAT!!! Let's CHATTT!!!! HEY WHERE YOU FROM WHERE YOU GOING HOW LONG ARE YOU HERE?!?

Now, I can deal with someone jumping in to a conversation. Okay, maybe it's not always great. But you can roll with it. Usually. But not this time.

This time it was the proverbial Bull in the China Shop.

For Want of a Nail

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the rider was lost. For want of a rider, the battle was lost. For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

The proverb - "For Want of a Nail" - is about preparation and maintenance. It says that by being unprepared and not taking care of your things, there can be a disastrous chain of cause and effect.

This is true in general affairs and I do strongly recommend preparation and maintenance, but that's not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about customer service.

Your good customers are super important. I mean, all your customers are super important, but especially your good customers.

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