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When You Can't Think Any More -- Sleep!

Big productivity boost if you're setting your own schedule or you're often being the night owl --

Once you start to feel your mind wind down and the fog set in, sleep ASAP!

It sounds simple, but the execution is life-changing. I used to waste about the last two hours of the day in a daze on many days where I wasn't totally spent at the end of the day. Now I've got it down to usually recognizing between 40 and 90 minutes that my mind isn't going to clear, and crashing out.

There's no sense trying to push through it if legitimate exhaustion is there... the quality of thinking will be low. If you must stay up (deadline, etc) grab a cold shower or go running or do pushups. But if you don't have to -- grab some sleep. The you-of-tomorrow will be grateful you did.


On Provable Assertions

This is me, mumbling to myself in a corner.

I know blogs are public but the internet is vast. I'm tucked away where no one can see me (shhh), more comfortable with a theoretical audience than an actual one. If approached directly I would shy away and then fade into the background, like I do at social gatherings. I'm not trying to cultivate a readership or gain internet fame. I don't want to be paralyzed with worry over style and substance or I may start speaking like an 18th century novelist, spinning off into asides directed at my Dear Readers. (I may do that anyway, come to think of it...)

But my point is, I'm not anticipating you. If you're here, weird. Cool, I guess. I'm scared of loud noises so approach quietly and with caution. But mostly, here be, I expect, inane ramblings of interest only to myself.

So don't mind me.

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