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The Basics

Just got a good question. I write, "If you get off track, go back to the fundamentals." I just got asked what they are.

Here's the first things that come to mind -

*Drink lots of water *Enough high quality sleep *Not too much sleep *Eat fruits and vegetables *Scale back on any intoxicants *Spend time in nature *Spend time with people you respect *Read books you enjoy *Think/plan on what your goals are *Some light moving around/exercise (even just a walk) *Fresh air *Clean up your environment a little *Get small, achievable wins

I'm sure I'm missing a few. Please add yours. If you do find yourself stuck in a rut, I'd re-visit this list to see what you're not doing, and add some of this stuff. I think it's pretty much the way. Add your additions in the comments please.

Edit - a couple good ones in the comments:

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