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Luck Still Doesn't Exist, and Acceleration

"Is Exponential Growth Possible?" got a few really good comments. Riley Harrison left a really good comment and questions -

Hello Sebastian,

A great blog. One of the realizations that helped me was comprehending that if an insight or epiphany wasn’t actionable (didn’t lead to action) it wasn’t of much value (other than recreational). I have thought way too many deep thoughts, read too many self-empowerment books searching for the non-existent silver bullet (insight) that would allow me to bypass hard work, accumulation of small victories and risk taking.

The traditional barriers/obstacles (time, money, energy, risk taking etc) are to me somewhat secondary to just plain old inertia. But being at the right place at the right time – is that serendipitous luck or something else. You do have to factor into the equation that you are shooting at a moving target (circumstances change and you change) – times stands still for no man… As to the list of things to make you grow I would add that being conversant in the latest findings in neuroscience and positive psychology wouldn’t hurt.

"Guiding" Your Peers

On MGT500

http://www.flickr.com/photos/brenopeck/271247073/ Peck, B. (2006)

As an undergraduate one of my majors was Cinema Television Studies. Even though my concentration was Screenwriting, which requires mostly imagination and not a lot of action I was required to take a few classes in production. These classes require you to create short films and work in teams as if you are a "crew." Being considered the leper of the film tracks (a lot of people saw the screenwriting concentration as a place for people who didn't get into the design or production tracks - I just wanted to write stories) I regularly was shoved into the position of line producer, script supervisor, or production designer so I wouldn't get my hands dirty with the "real filmmaking." What these aspiring "real filmmakers" failed to realize is that these are largely managerial and supervisory roles and the production can't move forward if these areas aren't taken care of.

What I regularly dreaded was trying to figure out how to lead a group of 20-something, laid-back, Californians who I was younger than and was seen as lower status due to my choice in focus. Yet, these were my classmates - my peers who I was forced into the role of managing.

The hardest part about managing these groups was that they didn't realize that my job was to manage them, because they always pushed the jobs I got onto someone else -they never knew what it took to get things done.

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