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Crossing the Chinese/Mongolian Border by Land

What a fascinating trip. I just did this route -

Beijing -> Erlianhaote -> Zamyn Uud -> Ulan Bator

Why do I choose such circuitous, crazy routes? Well, lots of reasons.

I want to understand as much as I can about the world, and taking out of the way routes - especially through important border towns - teaches a lot.

Often, you can manage a route like this in a way that's much less expensive than direct flights. Yes, time is money, but money is also money.

Winter of Andy - Day 10 RECAP

On Reustonium

I had the opportunity to play twice at the Frozen Frontier. It was a really cool place to play hockey. I appreciate Liser being cool with me playing hockey so early (6:30am Saturday) and so late (10:30pm Sunday).

On Sunday night Denali's eye's looked red and swollen, she looks like she isn't feeling well :-(

6:00am - Up early to snow-blow the driveway so Liser can get to work. This is one household task that I will never complain about. I love being outside in the snow. Time to go back inside and wait around for the vet to open so I can get Denali some help.

9:30am - Off to the vet with Denali and Alex, this is my first solo trip with Alex so why not bring along the pup to bump up the difficult level. Last week I was playing "Mr. Mom" on easy mode.

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