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When you're stacking up failures...

Thought of the day:

When you're stacking up failures and lots of things you're trying aren't working, you're far closer to success than you think.

When you're daydreaming ideas that are going to work perfectly but aren't failing yet, you're much further away than you could possibly imagine.

Fail more. Succeed more. Dream, but then act with haste on those dreams.

The Curse of Seeing Potential

A downside to being analytical, ambitious, driven, and learning about a lot --

You see problems where others do not.

Because, what is "potential" except a set of things that aren't right already?

Because of that, it's easy to get restless, not happy with the status quo, to feel like you're falling short of all you know it's possible.

The funny part, seeing that potential, seeing how things could be... it means you actually get to live a much more rich and full life. You just maybe don't appreciate it as much, because you see all the other things you could be doing better.

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