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Structured Procrastination

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Then think for a moment on it. "When I'm putting off something I dread and procrastinating, what are those procrastination activities?"

If the answer is that they're productive and useful activities, then you can do very well. If they're destructive or useless, then rethink that.

Everyone procrastinates at least a bit. Getting smarter about your procrastination might change your life.

Videocast_09 | Nikon 14-24 2.8 unbox + sniff (À la FroKnowsPhoto)

On FredRanger

It's Xmas before Xmas guys, at least that's how I feel since I've been reading, sweating and ok I'll say it, DREAMING about this incredible super wide angle Nikon lens for quite some time now. Pls leave a comment/video below and share your appreciation (or not) of this incredible lens. Also, pls feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer them at my best.



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