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Wanting Everyone to Win

I just got a good email from a friend about emotions and biochemistry. It got me thinking.

Envy and schadenfreude are common emotions. People like seeing their opponents fail.

Is it possible to get over that? Would it be desirable to get over that?

I think envy and schadenfreude and hatred are usually a detriment to people feeling them. This is obvious enough when you're playing a positive sum game - because Positive Sum Games Don't Require Natural Talent, and have a near infinite opportunity for success. Disciplines like inventing, engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, mathematics, and the natural sciences work hand in hand. Every win by an inventor opens lots of doors for engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, math, and science. And indeed, for other inventors.

A lot of people mistake positive sum games - like the economy at large - for a zero sum game. They think that if you get money, they'll get less money. Of course, it doesn't work like that, as our exponentially growing standard of living shows. Even if someone loses a local conflict (to gain market share in a new technology, for instance) they can still go on to invent and innovate in a new field.

Derek Jeter's Farewell Tour Becoming a Joke

On Boston Sports Daily

First things first, Derek Jeter has had an incredible career, and if any Yankee deserves a year-long farewell tour it’s him. He’s going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer and he’s one of the most decorated players of all time. The New York Yankees are honoring him by wearing a Jeter patch on their jerseys for the final month of the 2014 season, which is exactly what is wrong with the farewell tour.

At first, Jeter’s retirement announcement simply paved the way for teams to give him the farewell he deserves. Since then however, even the Yankees have made a bigger effort to make this season into an absolute circus. Again, Jeter deserves every honor he gets from other teams on his way out, but for Christ’s sake a patch on the Yankees uniform? You would think he has a terminal illness. Relax, Yankees. We respect one of your greatest players, but it’s time to get over yourselves for a second. I can only hope that the season David Ortiz retires, or to bring the topic to other sports, Tom Brady retires, that our teams don’t do this kind of crap. Yes, we love them. Yes, they’re arguably the greatest players who graced the uniform, but my goodness a uniform patch dedicated to them? While they’re still playing? What does that say to the other 24 guys on the roster? It says that they’re blatantly not as important and that the emphasis isn’t really on the team at all. I cannot remember a time in which a player was honored with a patch during his playing career. I can live with the silly gifts and ceremonies that honor his playing career, but this is too much.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but it just makes me sick. Never change, Yankees. It’s great to have a reason to hate you.

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