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External Focused Morality

I read "The Samurai Ethic and Modern Japan" by Yukio Mishima recently. Fascinating book - it's an analysis and review of Hagakure, a 17th century book of samurai ethics.

Lots of interesting ideas. Many I disagree with. But none more fascinating than this one - Mishima writes about externally-focused morality.

Page 60:

In Hagakure it says, "A samurai must never seem to flag or lose heart."

This remark suggests that it is a defect to seem to flag, to seem disheartened. The most important thing is that a samurai not manifest externally his disappointment or fatigue.


On autumn leaves sweeping empty streets



They're not the same thing, actually, as Wikipedia so kindly educates us. Jealousy and envy are very similar in the respect that they're both feelings of discontent towards something that someone else has - so 'traits, status, abilities, rewards' etc., but envy is also wanting - desiring - to possess that something.


Oh. Well. I plead guilty. Again.

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