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Internal Scorecard #7: Long-Term Trajectories and Habit Installations


This is the seventh internal scorecard I've posted. I put these up as a way for you to see what production and productivity actually look like (with the up's and down's, and so on), and as a measure for myself of what's happening and what's to come.

This covers 30 June to 6 July.


"Goals are the things that you really want to achieve, while desires are things you want that can prevent you from reaching your goals—as I previously explained, desires are typically first-order consequences. For example, a goal might be physical fitness, while a desire is the urge to eat good-tasting, unhealthy food (i.e., a first-order consequence) that could undermine you obtaining your fitness goal. So, in terms of the consequences they produce, goals are good and desires are bad." -- Ray Dalio, Principles, p27

Self-Destruction As A Reward

Just having this phrase is helpful --

"Self-destruction as a reward."

After achieving something, it's common to want to celebrate by getting off one's diet, or otherwise doing something counterproductive.

That's fine, if it really suits your goals.

But when you stop and think, "Wait, do I want to engage in some self-destruction as a reward here?" -- the answer is often no.

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