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Tokugawa's Generals, and Being a Great Follower

Good questions from a reader -

There are some questions I want to ask you about the shogun era.

Why didn't the generals around Tokugawa Ieyasu aim for more power?

What were their end game?

The Grandest Sweeping Drama

Year: 1600.

The mess of conflicts and confusions has led to the near complete breakdown of the weak Ashikaga Shogunate, and Japan breaks into a 30-sided civil war. 

It mixed intense and deep public-facing honor-bound traditions with undercurrents of treachery and secrecy.

It pitted traditional Japanese martial arts against newly imported weapons, with the advent of rapidly advancing gunpowder, siege warfare, and different tactics and formations.

Born from that chaotic mix were some of the greatest figures in Japanese history.

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