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SelfControl Always On

I've been working on structural ways to make gains in my campaigns and what I achieve. Expanding skill is good, but takes time. Habits and discipline are good, but take time. Structural fixes and improvements, on the other hand, can produce big gains -- and instantly, with relatively minimal effort.

One that I've made, that I'm loving, is having "SelfControl" for OSX always on --


Literally, every hour of the day. There are websites that appeal to me tremendously, but from an objective analysis aren't good for my life. So, they go in my blacklist, and I leave it always on.

I lose a little bit from it, I guess -- but I have better ways to relax and waste time than anything on the blacklist, and other things I'd rather do to build my life. So, SelfControl is always on -- an easy structural fix that's giving me hours per day.

Get everything out of your head and into the world

On The Singularity Now

Plans, ideas, and creations may originate from the mind, but they can't survive there for long. New connections are formed constantly in a fertile mind, and old mental states fade away. You are not the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or a day ago, because your mind has also orchanged.

Because of this, whatever you have going on up there right now will soon be replaced, it will fade out so something new can grow. When you have an idea, a lyric, a song, a theory, a hypothesis, or any other mental produce that you think has value or potential, move it from your own mental headspace into the world

Here are some ways to do this:

1) Bounce new ideas off of someone who knows more than you.

If you read on different topics, spend time with people in different subcultures, or take part in many unrelated activities, you may see a connection between them that an expert in only one of cem would not see. If this happens and you know someone who is more knowledgeable on one of the topics than you, send them a 1-paragraph email getting feedback on it.

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