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Who are you to judge?!

What a strong negative connotation! Judging. Judging things, judging people, being judgmental... these are not pleasant things that polite and civilized people do... right?

But if judging is such a fault, perhaps we should learn what exactly it is. Hmm... I don't know exactly. Maybe Merriam-Webster can enlighten us:

Judge. Transititive verb. "to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises"

Hmm. That's... not what we expected, now is it? Judging is bad. But forming an opinion through careful weighing of evidence and testing premises... that doesn't sound so bad. Hmm.

What does that sound like to me?

Why We Judge Fellow Humans

On On Reading and Living

You've probably heard that if you want to find out what you are most insecure and ashamed of, listen to how you judge people.

If you tend to say, "His shirt looks so tight on him!!" then you're probably most insecure of your body.

Thing is, I've always considered this statement one of those...

"Hmmm makes sense but nah"

At least not for me.

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